rear view mirror camera

Rear view mirror camera with cameras in the rear display a normal reflective view.  An unobstructed view of the area behind the vehicle. A camera located in the back provides the 180-degree perspective and shows it on the mirror’s rearview glass.

The rear-view camera mirror makes it easy to get a clear view of what’s happening behind you when you’re backing up, and it’s also a great safety feature for backing up in reverse. The camera mirror is a small round piece of glass that attaches to a special bracket that turns a camera lens into a rear-view mirror. The lens is angled at a 45-degree angle to reflect what’s happening behind you.

Necessities Rear view mirror camera :rear-view-mirror-camera

If your car does not include a rearview mirror camera. Sometimes referred to as the rearview camera, the next vehicle you purchase likely will. Federal law mandates the new generation of passenger vehicles, trucks, vans, and other vehicles with a weight of under 10,000 pounds. And must equip with rearview monitor technology. In most cases it will rear-mounted cameras.
Mirrors for rearview  an essential part of the equipment used in motor vehicles for over 100 years. While they are useful, as they are, they don’t let you observe what’s happening behind your vehicle lower than back windows. Also, they do not offer a wide-angle view.

According to the most up-to-date available statistics from the government, these flaws result in around 15,000 injuries and 210 deaths each year due to back over collisions involving small vehicles. Tragically 31 percent of those deaths involve children younger than 5. It’s not even enough to account for instances where the driver crashes into something or rams into toys, a bicycle, or another object.

Effect of Rear view mirror camera :rear-view-mirror-camera

To turn on the rear view camera mirror, the driver turns the tab at the top of the mirror’s housing like how the night and day mirrors operate with the standard rearview mirror. Based on the design, drivers can alter the brightness level and camera angle and zoom in and out. As per General Motors, a rear camera mirror is beneficial in the evening. And providing an improved and clearer view than the typical rearview mirror.

Most mirrors for rear cameras feature washer jets to ensure that the lens is free of dirt and clear. And taking fluid from the same reservoir which powers the windshield and the washer jets for the rear windows. But keeping the camera lens free of dust can  difficult in circumstances where the non-stop flow of grit covers the lens, as when driving on dirt roads wet or on roads  covered in melting snow, ice as well as road salt.

The first car sold to North America and equipped with a rear camera mirror  2017’s Cadillac XT5, a midsize five-passenger luxury SUV. The upgrade is now increasingly popular. Being offered for an extra charge as an option or with higher trim levels for various automobiles.

Rear view mirror camera focus back to look forward :

While it’s appealing to have in all circumstances, a mirror on the car’s rear makes the driver’s eyes adjust to a different distance of focus. The image is blurred when you shift from looking ahead through the windshield to looking at the camera’s view from the rear camera mirror first. It takes time until your eyes  adjusted to view the camera’s view. Reversing your focus back to look forward towards driving requires that exact shift in your focus. Some drivers might be uncomfortable with this.

So the rear camera mirror is ideal for certain situations. For example, driving in tight spots and checking behind the car before reversing or connecting the trailer to the hitch. This way, it operates similarly as a backup camera, but it typically offers a high-definition image with a larger distance. It is also active when you switch gears from reverse to Drive.

Of course, the mirror’s efficiency is contingent on the camera position and its information in front of the driver. The most effective mirrors put the camera at a lower position in the rear of the car. Our experience  shown that cameras mounted higher, particularly those on pickups  elevated, do not offer much practical usage.

Modern vehicles come with an ever-growing array of high-definition cameras, which offer views of the rear and forward and top-down views of the surround and side-views to help drivers park. Pickup trucks have a selection of towing-related cameras.

Advantages of Rear view mirror camera :

The most obvious benefit of a camera facing the rear is that it can help prevent injuries and possibly fatal back over accidents by widening your vision field, especially below the trunk or rear window level. Cameras also allow you to see beyond the size of the mirror’s reflection and help reduce blind spots. However, in addition to protecting the property and people behind the vehicle, cameras offer numerous other benefits in addition.

For instance, rearview mirror cameras can assist you in parking more efficiently and securely. Rear-facing cameras offer drivers an even more clear and precise view of the obstacles in front of the car. Additionally, most rearview mirror camera systems have warning sounds that let the driver know they are near the object.

Most rearview mirror cameras come with on-screen instructions: two parallel lines to help guide you to and from parking spots much more quickly. Certain cameras also have an intermediate line to aid in keeping your vehicle at a level with the parking space. Modern color displays permit the system to alter the color of the guideline from yellow to green to red as you move closer to the obstruction. In conjunction with an audible alarm of sensors facing the rear, that is extremely useful to avoid back over accidents.

If you tow trailers and need to back them up, rearview mirror cameras could be very useful. The camera provides you with an in-depth view of the trailer while you align it with your vehicle’s hitch, and the line colors and audible sensors help you stay on top of the distance.

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How Rear view mirror cameras Work :

In the abstract, the concept is straightforward If you place your car in Reverse, the camera mounted in the back of your vehicle switches on and transmitted an image to the monitor to show what’s in front of you. However, the reality is more complex. When they’re at their most basic, rearview mirror cameras equipment are advanced pieces of technology. And they’re becoming more sophisticated constantly.

The problem begins with the image which is taken from the camera. Instead of sending the image that the typical camera would see, rearview mirror cameras systems are designed to transmit an image that mirrors to the monitor to ensure that the orientation is right when you view it. If you were to view the direct image that the camera is seeing, then the image would reverse, and you’d be able to steer left when you wish to turn left. The system designed to correct this, so the display is clear.

Manufacturers typically put backup cameras inside the rear trim pieces. They’re not a lot of a hassle, and they’re difficult to locate, but you could find them on the front of the car, close to your license plate inside the trunk lid or rear of a pickup or SUV truck. The cameras usually are aimed toward the downwards direction to give you the clearest view of what’s behind your vehicle. Also, they have wide-angle lenses, which means you’ll get a wider image than with a rearview mirror.

Rear view mirror cameras monitor:

Monitors can be positioned anywhere within the driver’s range of vision. However, they’re usually located in the middle section of the cabin. Most modern vehicles come with an existing screen used for entertainment and navigation, climate control, and other functions. This screen typically uses to display backup camera systems. Some models  used apart from the rearview mirror to serve as an LCD monitor. Rearview mirror cameras  advantageous because it places the screen where people are using to looking during backup. However, this type of display is smaller and offers the same quality image as those with larger screens.

Although some of the earliest experimental models and some of the aftermarket models utilize monochrome cameras and monitors, almost all nowadays have colors displays. The latest models employ high-resolution cameras to provide what automakers refer to as a high-definition LCD (although they may not be as sharp as your flat-screen television).

TOP Best Rear view mirror cameras :

There are some fundamental things to consider before searching for a backup camera. The first is that you’ll require an appropriate monitor that you can use with your new backup camera. Certain modern vehicles come with screens or touchscreens that are factory-installed equipped with backup camera inputs, or perhaps you already have an aftermarket monitor equipped with the correct inputs in your vehicle.

If not, certain cameras have a separate screen, while others have a rear-view mirror with tiny screens integrated for cameras. In addition, certain aftermarket navigation systems, like Garmin and Nuvi, include connections for backup cameras.

You’ll also need to ensure you’re aware of how to install your backup camera before deciding to trigger one. You can also find an auto electronics shop nearby in which you can have it installed by a professional.

1) X1PRO Rear View Mirror Dash Cam :

The X1PRO Rear View Mirror Dash Cam features a huge 9.88-inch display and a rearview mirror display that shows the image of the rearview camera in full HD.
The screen also comes with a touchscreen control to operate the rearview camera and the forward-facing dash camera. It comes with a 296P front camera and a 720P backup camera and displays short rear and front-facing images. The mirror also has motion sensors, which allow it to shut off and off based on whether the vehicle is in a parking space or not, as well as having an anti-vibration brace. It accepts SD cards, too, and lets you save and archive the footage from your dashcam.
The camera also comes with a Lane departure warning, a feature enabled by its wide view of 140 degrees rear camera, which can help remove blind spots. As with other cameras in this list, you might need the assistance of a professional to set up the camera correctly.

PROS : |  High quality OEM look and operation, crisp images, big display 
CONS : |  Expensive 

Buy on Amazon

2) Type S Solar Powered Smart 1080p HD Backup Camera :

Rear view mirror cameras are designed to ease our lives; however, for TYPE S, it’s more than simply providing drivers with crystal-clear video. It also means making it easier to manage the whole process from setup to daily use. That’s is why the famous HD Backup camera is not completely wireless but also 100% solar-powered. All it needs to take footage in stunning 1080p resolution and stream it straight to your smartphone is the sun’s sunlight. Without cords or a complicated installation, the setup process could not be simpler:

  • Connect the camera onto your vehicle’s license plate.
  • Install the Type S Drive app on your smartphone.
  • Put your car into reverse.

Offering HD resolution of 1080p and With a degrees wide-angle lens, the Type S’s solar-powered camera can deliver a clear, sharp, clear image directly to your phone — even in difficult conditions, particularly at night. With up to 30 feet of view even in complete darkness, thanks to the integrated Digital HD Image Processor, the camera offers outstanding night vision, and the design is designed to take on whatever Mother Nature can throw at it, meaning you can be sure of a free, clear image every time you go out.

It also comes with an online parking guide when you need some assistance in locating that parking place. It’s no wonder that the TYPE S Solar Backup Camera powered by solar energy is so popular by reviewers and has received rave reviews for its image quality and user-friendliness.

PROS : |  Solar-powered, wirelessly connects to your smartphone, easy to install, features an integrated parking assistant
CONS : |  Premium product means a premium price


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3) AUTO-VOX TW Wireless Backup Camera Kit:

The wireless backup camera/mirror combination from AUTO-VOX is an excellent and easy-to-install item that can be easily used as a factory-installed option in your car.

The bundle includes the camera and a wireless signal transmitter, and the rear-view mirror/monitor combination that resembles the normal rear-view mirror of a passenger’s vehicle. The camera’s image is projected into a rectangular-shaped screen located on the side of the display’s driver and then disappears when the car has not been in reverse.
The camera comes with six LED lights that will automatically switch on to illuminate the road in front of you at night. It’s also water-resistant and can function in the rain. Similar to the Esky camera, this camera is fixed on the back of your vehicle by two straps that connect to the bolts that hold your license.

It also comes with an electronic transmitter that is wireless so that it is not necessary to run a wire connecting the back of the car to the front.
While the camera is expensive, it is priced lower than many other premium rear-view mirror monitor/camera combos available for sale.

PROS : |  OEM look, wireless operation, rearview mirror/monitor included
CONS : |  Difficult to install for non professionals

Buy at Amazon

4) HDR Reversing Backup Camera kit :

Its YANDA HDR Reversing Backup Camera Kit serves in the role of a backup cam, as well as a forward-facing dash camera. It utilizes two Sony 1080p cameras to ensure that the picture is clear both night and daytime.

In place of projecting an image from the camera onto a tiny monitor inside your rearview mirrors, this device can transform all rearview mirrors into an interactive display when the car is in reverse. The rearview camera can be adjustable and can guide your vehicle in a lane.

The mirror’s forward-facing camera can also record audio with clarity and can save your video files from replaying later by using the help of an SD card.

A few drawbacks with this product are that the user’s manual is confusing and could prove difficult to set up for those who aren’t professionals. The menu on the touchscreen could be difficult to navigate.

PROS : |  OEM look, high-quality display, doubles as a dash cam
CONS : |  Pricy, touchscreen can be difficult to use/navigate

Buy at Amazon

5) AUTO-VOX X2 Mirror Dash Cam :

The AUTO-VOXX X2 is an upgraded model of X1 previously mentioned, with the added forward-facing dash camera.
As with the X1, The X2 comes with a huge 9.88-millimeter rearview mirror that displays the scene behind you on a full-screen display. The display provides clear images at 960 px, and it is easy to change the direction in which the camera’s rear is facing through touch inputs.

The rearview camera will automatically turn on and adjusts the view when you put your vehicle in reverse. It has a wide 140-degree view angle. The mirror also helps you find what’s behind you when your vehicle is moving.
Like the X1 above, Similar to the X1 above, the X2 isn’t easy to install for beginners. However, it comes with instructions for those who are DIY wrenchers.

PROS : |  High quality camera, large and clear display, doubles as a dash cam 
CONS : |  Pricy, difficult to install 

Buy at Amazon

6) Pruveeo D700 7-Inch Touch Screen Backup Camera:

This Pruveeo touchscreen rearview Camera Dash Cam is an extremely affordable mirror for the rear and dashcam, including a 1080P resolution front-facing dash camera with a wide-angle lens of 150 degrees an outdoor 480p rear camera.
The budget-friendly option features an excellent display. It also performs well in the evening, particularly at a lower price. It is also an extremely simple installation. Just place the rearview mirror or display over the existing rearview mirror, and connect the power cable to the light bulb in your car. It is necessary to purchase an additional cable to connect the mirror to the camera but.
The screen is 7 inches, has a touch-operated feature, and can accept SD cards to record front-facing videos. However, this model does not include G-force autosave or motion detection in contrast to other dash cameras.

PROS : |  Great value, doubles as a dash cam, easy installation
CONS : |  Rear facing camera quality not great, camera wire sold separately

Buy at Amazon

7) Pyle Dash Cam Rearview Mirror Monitor:

Pyle Rearview Mirror Monitor Pyle Rearview Mirror Monitor is another dash camera and rear-view mirror set-up, which is of a better standard than the previous Pruuveo camera above but is sold at a higher cost.

Mirror with backup camera, mirror, and video recorder kit comes with an assembly for the rear-view mirror with an integrated 7.4 inches display, a rear-facing backup camera, and an additional forward-facing dash camera. It also has a built-in g-sensor which allows the camera to be turned off and on whenever the car is moving or parked. It also includes an audio recording microphone. Mirrors also have the Micro SD memory card slot, which means you can store the video footage of your dashcam.

The camera comes with installation instructions; however, those who have a limited understanding of in-car electronics might prefer to have it installed by a professional. It is also necessary to remove the mirror from your windshield to put in the Pyle rear-view mirror or display.

PROS : |  Great value, doubles as a dash cam, easy installation
CONS : |  Rear facing camera quality not great, camera wire sold separately

Buy at Amazon

8) Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Mirror:

The Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Mirror is a less expensive model (nearly half the cost) similar to the Pyle camera above, but it’s not as well-made and doesn’t have a forward-facing dash camera.

The mirror that is a budget-friendly rearview option includes a rugged backup camera that has a 170-degree view angle and automatic white balance. It also has a 4.3-inch LCD in-mirror. The camera is water-resistant and also has night vision and fog resistance. This one can easily attached to the license plate bracket on the back, similar to other backup cameras.

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The camera also has an on-screen display so that it is easy to guide your vehicle into difficult parking spots – similar to what an OEM backup camera could include. Installation is the same as other cameras. You might prefer to have it installed by a professional. However, you can do it yourself.

One disadvantage of this model is that it doesn’t come with LED lighting in the back camera, which makes it difficult to discern when you are reversing in the dark.

PROS : |  Inexpensive, OEM look, wide 170-degree view 
CONS : |  No reverse LED light, no dash cam 

Buy at Amazon

9) LeeKooLuu LK1 Backup Camera for Car HD 1080P :

Its LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and 4.3″ Mirror Monitor are great value alternatives compared to many other rearview cameras/mirrors.

The camera does have a smaller view than others, and it’s somewhat dark in the day. It’s still an affordable and budget-friendly option. Some may be able to find the cable that comes with the mirror slightly too short.

Alongside being an excellent value, the camera is adjustable. The rearview mirror is big and, despite its price, it is expected to be weatherproof even during long periods.

It is possible to get help from a professional to install this product, just like most other products of this kind.

PROS : |  Very inexpensive, includes rearview mirror 
CONS : |  Narrow camera angle, dim picture during the day

Buy at Amazon

10 ) Spedal Car Dash Cam, 1080P HD :

The sleek rearview mirror displays in 1080p resolution have an easy-to-use interface as well as a modern design. It also comes with an angle of 120 degrees for the rearview camera and a 138-degree 1080p facing forward view dash camera.

Backup cameras are water-proof and have been described as having “super night vision” that creates a bright picture in the evening or during rainy days. A built-in sensor makes sure it will shut off automatically or switches on when your vehicle is in motion or parked.

This premium-quality, elegantly created rearview mirror/dash camera combination looks and feels like an OEM product. It may even improve the appearance of your vehicle, in particular, if you have an older model.
Mirrors are simple to install, simply attaching to the existing mirror and getting power from your car’s lighter outlet. A 12volt socket can also power it.

PROS : |  Slick design, high quality touch display, doubles as a 1080p dash cam
CONS : |  Not a dedicated mirror, expensive for a clip-on unit 

Buy at Amazon

11 ) Wireless Backup Camera with Monitor System :

Its eRapta wireless Backup Camera With Monitor System  designed for the rearview camera owner who doesn’t have a monitor or display GPS. But doesn’t wish to replace their mirror in the rear. It includes a dedicated monitor for the backup camera that measures 5 inches diagonally.

The LCD  equipped with clips that allow you to attach it to the console or dash of your vehicle. It also shows guidelines on the display when the automobile moves in reverse.

In addition to the dedicated monitor, there is an option to mount a license plate. And a wide-angle camera with 149 degrees waterproof.  LED lights that automatically turn on if the car is reversed at night.

PROS : |  Dedicated monitor, inexpensive
CONS : |  Dedicated monitor may not be for everyone, camera quality not the best 

Buy at Amazon

12) BOSS Audio Systems BV430RVM Rearview Car Mirror :

The mid-priced camera and mirror/monitor combination by BOSS Audio has a factory appearance. It has a weatherproof wide-angle camera and a 3-year warranty from the dealer.

As with other rearview mirror displays similar to other rearview mirrors, BOSS Audio is similar to other rearview mirror displays. BOSS Audio unit automatically displays the rearview mirror’s images at the mirror’s corner if the car in reverse. The camera has a wide-angle view and comes with ‘night vision’ instead of the rear-facing LED light.
The kit includes all the cables and brackets needed for installation; however, you might prefer to have a professional install.

Similar to another rearview mirror/camera combination, The display screen can be difficult to read in the daylight for certain.

PROS : |  3 year warranty, OEM look, good price 
CONS : |  Screen may be dim during the day 

Buy at Amazon


Conclusion :

In the end, the rear view mirror camera is by far the best investment you could ever make. I’ve driven for more than a year and  strucked twice. Both times my car  badly damaged. In the first case, I  afflicted with whiplash and an injured arm. In the second one, I suffered a severe concussion, as well as a broken wrist. If I had driven an automobile equipped with a rear view mirror camera. I could see my car getting struck from the rear and possibly suffering a fracture.

FAQ | Rear view mirror camera :

How do I use the rear view mirror camera?

The rear view mirror camera can use to see what is happening behind the car. I use the rear view mirror camera to see behind me while I’m driving.

What is the difference between a rear view mirror camera and a rear-view camera?

A rear-view mirror camera is a mirror that  mounted to the back of a vehicle and reflects a view from a rear-facing camera. A rear-view camera is a camera mounted.

How often should I replace my rear view mirror camera?
Your rear view mirror camera should replace about every six months.

How much does this cost?
The rear view mirror camera can cost anywhere from $20 to $150.Rear view mirror cameras typically cost $300 to $600.

What are the dimensions of the rear view mirror camera?
The rear view mirror camera is approximately 3.5″ x 1.5″.

How do I mount the camera to my vehicle?

You can mount the camera to your vehicle by placing it on the dashboard.  And securing it with a suction cup.

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